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Children are either born with cataracts congenital cataracts or they develop them later. no dataRead more on Cataracts from Healthwise Cataracts are changes in clarity of the natural lens inside the eye that gradually degrade visual quality. Read more about our Eye Drops for Cataracts HERE As featured on the ‘Richard & Judy’ show on British TV! The pupils are dilated to better examine the back of the eye, where the retina and optic nerve lie. The top lens is clear. Marketing campaigns aimed at older adults may encourage some people to have surgery when they do not really need it. Archives of Ophthalmology. 2010;128:738. Do you think you might be developing or have been diagnosed with cataracts? Check your Part A deductible if you expect to be admitted to the hospital.

Ventura Fernandez was lying in his bed when his dog began barking before 7 a.m. and he soon realized someone was in the room, according to KEYT , a local TV station. At first the dog was barking a lot and I kept on telling him to be quiet, but the guy had already come in I guess, Fernandez said. no dataThats why the dog wouldnt be quiet. Until I felt something in the room and I said, Who is it? And the guy just tells me, Give me the key to the safe, give me the key to the safe.’ The intruder had entered his home through his screen window and entered the bedroom.It remains unclear to Fernandez how the man knew he kept safes in his home. The retired construction worker, who lost his vision to cataracts, said he didnt have the keys because his son had them. What he did have was about $70 in change, a watch worth about $400 and his passport, which were in the safes. The robber punched him in the face, then used his wheelchair to cart his two safes away. Neighbors came to learn of the incident and by night a friend brought Fernandez a used wheelchair.

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Ophthalmology..merican Journal of Ophthalmology. If you have any questions at any time after cataract surgery, call your eye doctor for advice. Because of fear of blindness or loss of independence, older adults may think they need to have surgery even when their cataracts do not affect their quality of life. These appear as bluish dots, and are usually found in both eyes. Unfortunately, the improved vision is short-lived and will disappear as the cataract worsens. Most people notice that their vision becomes blurry when they begin to develop cataracts. While there are no clinically proven approaches to preventing cataracts, simple preventive strategies include: Reducing exposure to sunlight through UV-blocking lenses Decreasing or stopping smoking Increasing antioxidant vitamin consumption by eating more leafy green vegetables and taking nutritional supplements Cataracts can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination . When a nuclear cataract first develops, it can bring about a temporary improvement in your near vision, called “second sight.”

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