American Diabetes Association: Wow.diabetes.bborg National Diabetes Information Clearing-house: Prevent Blindness America: Wow.prevent Managing Your Diabetes May Help Slow Diabetic Retinopathy And Other Eye Problems.

The new blood vessels may bleed into the clear, jellylike substance that fills the canter of your eye. People with very high blood pressure and swelling of the optic nerve require emergency treatment in a hospital. It is important to take action before you notice any eye problems. Vision may be unchanged or decrease dramatically. Some… read more » Cluster of diseases with difficult diagnosis issues: There is a well-known list of medical conditions that are all somewhat difficult to diagnose, and all can present in a variety of different severities…. read more » Alzheimer’s disease over-diagnosed: The well-known disease of Alzheimer’s disease is often over-diagnosed. It is important to take action before you notice any eye problems. This can lead to bleeding haemorrhage and fluids, cells, and proteins leaking into the area exudate. no dataWhat causes diabetic retinopathy? The floating spots are haemorrhages that require prompt treatment. These areas are pale because they are not getting enough blood.

News Image Some preliminary testing has also been done in Mexico. Currently, the development of the Nova Oculus device is focused on securing the necessary international certifications that are required before various government-sanctioned regulatory approvals can be granted. Mass production of the device by the companys manufacturing partner is slated to begin in the spring of 2017. Company officials expect that once certification for the device from the International Organization of Standards is granted, regulatory approval in Canada is achieved, and CE Mark approval for the European market is given, gaining access to other international markets will follow. It is estimated that more than 26 million people in Britain, the EU, Japan and Australia are afflicted with AMD. As many as three-quarters of a million of those could be treated by the Nova Oculus device in the first year alone. After five years, that number could be as high as 3.75 million patients. According to the companys calculations, a potential market of that size could conservatively represent $245 million in revenue from treatments and equipment leases in the first year. After five years, that figure could be as high as $500 million. These figures do not include the numbers from Canada, the U.S., or elsewhere.

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Blood.essels in and behind the retina nourish the macula. If they break open, blood can leak into the middle part of your eye in front of the retina and change your vision . All forms of diabetic eye disease have the potential to cause severe vision loss and blindness. Anyone with diabetes is at risk of developing retinopathy. If so, discontinuing medication will stop, but not reverse, any damage.  Late-stage diabetic retinopathy symptoms include: Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease caused by complications of diabetes. no dataPeople with untreated diabetes are 25 times more at risk for blindness than the general population. American Diabetes Association: wow.diabetes.BBorg National Diabetes Information clearing-house: Prevent Blindness America: wow.prevent Managing your diabetes may help slow diabetic retinopathy and other eye problems. Good controls of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol as well as regular eye examinations may prevent vision loss.

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